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1) Types Of Headphones

A. Wired headphones

These are the basic ones which would probably be attached to the phones of everyone. This can be used by runners and joggers if your MP3 player does not support the Bluetooth connection or any wireless connections. However, the main disadvantage of wired headphones is wire. You’d want to run and burn calories rather than spending your time untangling the cables away from your body.

B. Wireless Headphones

This is mostly preferred by people who want to have an irritation-free workout. They are just fixed on your ears without disturbing other parts of your body while running or jogging. Being safe and comfortable, they can be connected to your devices through Bluetooth.

C. Ear Buds

They are lightweight, and if you have a good pair, they will sit comfortably in your ears until the end of your workout. This can be preferred as there will not be any extra weight on your head, and they are easy to carry as well. In some cases, they are not even seen by others, and this can be taken as an advantage. However, it might be irritating to your eardrums as they are placed inside the ears.

D. Over-the-ear Headphones

They last longer than any headphones and come with amazing sound quality. If you buy the best over-ear headphone, you will have a mini Home-theatre set over your ears. One main disadvantage is that they are heavier than the other earphones, and unlike the earbuds, they cannot be folded.

2. Specialized Headphones

Some headphones serve a specific purpose and prove excellent if procured for their respective usage.

A) Noise Cancellation:

Such headphones are meant to drown certain sounds to offer quiet to the user, with a technology that is called active noise cancellation. These headphones have a small microphone which absorbs the outside noise and returns an opposite frequency noise which cancels the noise outside. However, this technology doesn’t work on varying sounds. For instance, the microphone can’t immediately pick up as well as adjust itself with different frequencies. Though, these are still useful for drowning out the usual droning sound such as the factory machinery, airplane engines, hum of the air-conditioner as well as the frequency sounds that are uniform in nature.

The negative aspects of such headphones are that they need additional power, which means the usage time of the battery would be less. Moreover, since the technology works with only specific kind of sound, it can’t block out every kind of sound in its entirety. Still, it is best for use in noisy environments and airplanes.

B) Gaming headphones:

These headphones are made to be used while playing video games on portable devices, computers or consoles. Some of the headphones are designed to render virtual surround-sound experience, and few others give a true 7.1 channel-surround experience to its users. It helps the gamer recognize the audio direction and play accordingly. For instance, in a first-person shooting game, a gaming headphone will let the gamer recognize the direction of enemy fire at him or her. Such kind of gaming headphones mostly tuned to enhance the sound effects and dialogues as well as also have one or two microphones for multiplayer voice-chat.

The gaming headphones are deemed to be not good enough for listening to mere music, but they are extremely specific to their use. Though, they do provide the best surround-sound effect as well as well-tuned for picking up detail and direction of the sound; precisely.

C) Wireless headphones:

Such headphones have no cables and cords, while they can be conveniently used without worrying about their cable length or tangling issue. The wireless headphones mostly have one of the three prominent transmission technology, Bluetooth, infrared and radiofrequency. First transmission technology can be wirelessly paired with a variety of computers, tablets, and smartphones. On the other hand, the latter two need dedicated base-unit that connects with the source device and then transmits the respective frequency to the single or many headphones. The radiofrequency equipped headphones to tend to work over larger areas, while the infrared-equipped headphone depends on line-of-sight, whereas Bluetooth has 30 m range-limit in most situations.

However, the sound quality of wireless headphones is not as good as the wired ones. The battery life and range of transmission are two issues that wireless headphones frequently face; in listening and sound clarity. Nonetheless, their portability is convenient as well as they are suitable for using outside.

3. Budget

In case you happen to be a gadget geek then you will want to buy the best, which can strain your pocket; financially. Hence, research and get a sense of the price-range on various models of headphones that are appealing to you; would be a wise thing to do. Choosing to spend much money on a set of an expensive headphone that will get your sweat when you are working out, will not make sense; when they wear out quick.

Mostly, technology runs on a fundamental principle that you receive what you tend to pay for in the store. If you want to shop for a basic headphone, then the worth would below. However, the cost would go high, if the audio quality and fidelity are focused more on the particular headphone model of choice. In case you wish to break a bank, few manufacturers will take orders for headphones that are custom-fitted only for your ears.

Now the good thing is that any headphone combination that you would want, you can always find it within your budget. However, do settle on an upper limit of your budget prior to hitting the headphone stores and stay put with the same limit.

4. Brand

For some it matters, for others, it doesn’t. However, some brands such as Bose has scientific credentials which are legitimately backed, while Beats by Dre is a celebrity-backed brand. Both brands have their value tags that match their quality. The brand is usually a significant factor for people when they want to reach closer to the surround-sound experience of a stereo. Whereas, the big technology companies such as Yamaha, Panasonic, Sony do deliver great headphones, but there are still other specialist audio brands in the market that sell products at a reasonable price.

5. Appearance

Last but not least; the looks do matter. To appease oneself and impress others, you will want to look at the appearance and see if you like it or not. There are always a plethora of options to choose from. However, you may want to compromise on the appearance if the technical features are available within your budget in other design. Because that would be a wise thing to do.

Now we've listed some headphones out of the many models offered in India. You can buy them from the local market as well. The choice of action is yours, while all the brands mentioned below are trustworthy and lasts a relatively long time.

1). JBL T450BT Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset


Shake a leg, headbang, or groove to your favorite songs while not worrisome others with the JBL T450 BT Bluetooth headset. This mobile accessory options a Flat and folding style, Bluetooth connectivity, and JBL Pure Bass Sound for an immersive aural experience where you go. A company that is synonym with sound for the music aficionados JBL. The products of JBL have gathered a colossal fan following from the beginning. The T450BT of JBL has wireless Bluetooth connectivity to that, while it can give 11 hours of pure uninterrupted audio with a single charge. This power-packed headphone of 145 g includes a dimension of 15 x 7.6 x 18.5 cm. This On-ear earpiece is compact, comfortable, lightweight and flat-folding. The 32 mm drivers give the signature JBL bass sound which is similar to the one that people here at big events. A must pick item if you are a JBL fan because it is considered as one of the best headphones in India.


2). Boat Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headphones with Mic


This wireless headphone will play up to a decent 8 hours once totally charged. Its HD sound clarity will make you fall in love with yourself for buying this piece. It has super bass with 40 millimeter drivers and connects with Bluetooth. Its noise-canceling microphone ensures that the outside noise doesn’t bother your listening time to the music or watching a movie. With an operation range of 10 meters, it has a standby time of nearly 100 hours which is indeed a fabulous thing for anyone who is traveling. The nominal time for charging it is 2 hours, which is possible because it has a Li-polymer 250mAh battery. Its red LED signifies charging and blue LED indicates pairing and power. The frequency range is 20Hz to 20kHz. Its sensitivity at 1KHz is 110db.


For 109 g, its dimension is 26.6 x 26.4 x 9.1 cm. It has an extra port of 3.5 mm size for which a cable is also given with the product. The battery can be charged through Micro USB. A yearlong Manufacturer Warranty keeps this product safe. And yes, it does have a microphone.

3). Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones


Mi Super Bass gives the precise performance for monitoring the studio applications. It is a perfect device for mixing, connects with Bluetooth 5.0, engineering as well as playing back the audio with excellent results. It has a combined comfort of sturdy bass response, closed-ear design, and ultra-clear highs. The feature of closed-ear design gives optimum noise reduction and sound isolation which then provides the much accurate and possible stereo imaging. Its 40 mm dynamic drivers give an excellent reproduction of sound with more extensive dynamic range to the final mix of the playback of music. Its headband is self-adjusting, which offers a natural and secure fit, while the 10 Hz to 25 kHz frequency response makes it worth the money. At 22.2 x 11.4 x 23.5 cm dimension and 599 g, it is undoubtedly a big on the heavier side; but utterly perfect.


4). boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone


These over-the-ear headphones provide superb sound quality and bigger than life bass. The cushiony ear pads ensure most comfort for long listening and keep the sound in whereas keeping the noise out. These headphones conjointly embrace a integral microphone for hands-free calling and convenience. Light in weight, it is comfortable to wear with a foldable headband. These headphones offer wireless audio streaming and clear sound with strong bass & Built-in noise reduction.


Attractive ergonomics with a Comfort-Fit designed with uncompromised attainment from premium materials as well as metal housing earphones and chrome accents the boAt Rockerz 255 is each durable and trendy. It powered By Qualcomm CSR8635 Chipset High-Level practicality is provided to the boAt Rockerz 255 by the Advanced Qualcomm CSR 8635 Chipset providing the features of the most recent Bluetooth 4.1 Version.

5). iBall Decibel BT01 Smart Headphone with Alexa


iBall Decibel BT01 inbuilt with Alexa voice control via Bluetooth and offer high fidelity and Clear Bass Effect. They support varied sound effects adjustment, easily realize the sound quality you prefer. With a built-in battery, this headphone provides 8-10 hours of music time, less than 3 hours of charging time. It has Call Receive / Cut and Play / Pause Button (Change Track on Double and Triple Click) to have long-lasting, tangle and frustration-free music and call experience. These sweat-resistant earphones are nice for running and athletic facility workouts. It is suitable for most Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as for iPhone6s plus 5S 5 4S and Android smartphones.


The Conclusion:

Considering all the above given detailed information a task comes to the reader to optimize it and think upon which one of the given features would be suitable, efficient and useful, We hope that all the given information helps you to find your ideal Headphone.